Avoid Damaged Floors: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Polished Concrete Looking New

Polished concrete is a low maintenance floor, especially when compared to vinyl composite tile (VCT) and resilient sheet flooring (RST). There’s no need to wax it, no seams to re-weld, no top scrubbing, and it lasts longer when you properly take care of it. Check out these tips to keep your polished concrete floor looking it’s best.

1. Clean up spills quickly

Floors that we install will have a sealer that prevents staining, but it’s still good practice to clean up and spills as soon as you can.

2. Use floor mats

If dirt, sand, and grit are left to sit on your floor, it’ll act as an abrasive and slowly damage the finish of your floor. To prevent this from happening, you need to limit these contaminants from entering a building. This starts with the mats you use to clean people’s feet as they enter a building. Those mats need to be cleaned and maintained properly. A dirty mat full of mud is useless in keeping a floor clean.

3. Have a plan for cleaning your floor

Make sure you clean the floor regularly to protect the finish. Using a vacuum or microfiber mops, clean off any dry debris regularly. You will also need to wet clean the floor as needed. We recommend using an auto scrubber with soft bristle pads as they leave very little dirt on the floor. If you have a small space, a damp microfiber mop will also work as long as it is cleaned regularly.

4. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals to clean your floor

Acidic and oily cleaners will damage your floor. A pH neutral cleaner works best. We recommend the use of PC Soap or PC Soap Plus as a soap.

5. If your floor loses its shine, call us

Even if we didn’t install your floor, we will help you get it back to its original shine. All your floor may need is a quick burnishing to restore that mirror shine. But if your floor has seen too much wear, we may need to diamond polish it again. Contact us here to find a solution for you.