Why attention to detail matters

Most people are surprised to hear that their concrete floor is not as stable as they think it is. Over time, concrete will shift, settle, and crack. While a micro-crack may not be a concern if you have a carpet overlay, it is if you have a poorly done epoxy floor. Some companies in our industry will install a thin film floor that is only a few microns thick, meaning that even the smallest of cracks will show through the coating and ruin the floor. Additionally, their prep is often just a quick grind or acid etch. These quick and cheap prep methods are not sufficient for providing a proper mechanical bond or exposing micro-cracking in the concrete. At Desco, we mechanically abrade our floors, either by shotblasting, sandblasting, or scarifying, to ensure that we provide an excellent mechanical bond and expose micro-cracking. Once the micro-cracking is exposed, we patch the floor to provide a smooth surface. The finished floor not only looks better, but last longer as well since water cannot seep into these micro-cracks. Check out our seamless epoxy floors and thin film epoxy floors to see why attention to detail matters.